Direct Mail Services

Serving Seattle, Tacoma and the surrounding areas

As a full service printer, All Access Media can take care of all your mailing, fulfillment and warehousing needs.  We do it for some of the areas largest businesses and institutions as well as small businesses of every kind.

Mail Processing Team

Our mail processing team handles all mail related tasks, adhering to all USPS regulations. All mail is properly presorted in accordance with strict postal standards.  Our knowledge of mail piece design and software technology guarantees that you will be receiving the lowest postage rates available by the post office.  Our services include: free use of our postal permits, database formatting; postal presorting; inkjet addressing, folding, insertion and USPS delivery.  We also realize that your in-home deadlines are important to you and deliver our mail to the Seattle or Tacoma Post Office, depending on where we can get the lower rates.

Fulfillment Team

Our fulfillment team’s project management expertise, speed and attention to detail ensure your next kit building or product assembly project will be completed accurately and on time.  Our services include complex kitting, pick-pack-ship and custom project management.  We can also accommodate your need for warehousing.  Many companies warehouse their print products at our facility. We offer onsite warehousing along with comprehensive inventory reporting that allows for same day shipments of your stored materials.

Data & List Management

In addition, our staff has expertise in both data services and list management.  Our data manager and programmers can maintain simple mailing databases or program complex variable data projects.

All Access Media’s list management team can help you obtain an effective lead generation database or manipulate your data to ensure all addresses are accurate and meet postal regulations via CASS Certification.  After addresses are tested for accuracy, your database will undergo a Move Update (MUV) analysis, providing new address information from the USPS’s NCOALink™system.  Since our MUV software is updated real time, your database is always as accurate as possible.

As an example, we recently helped a major apartment complex purchase a mailing list.  We were able to identify adult children that lived at home between the ages of 21 and 28 (our customer was ecstatic to get this list).  The mailing was a complete success.

If you are looking for a printer that can also handle your mailing, fulfillment and warehousing services, All Access Media can accommodate your every need. Give us a call today at 425-451-8553 so we can discuss your direct mail needs.